How much will my tattoo cost?
Tattoo prices vary based on design, how well you sit, skin ect. It's very difficult to give qoutes on tattoos. The shop price is $100 an hour plus tax. It's best to let me know your budget, tattoos can generally be done in more than one sitting to help budget.
Will it hurt?
A tattoo is more of an annoyance than a pain, like if you run your fingernail across your skin with some pressure it will give you a rough idea.
Do you tattoo fingers?
No, the healing on fingers is very hit or miss. It's best to put a tattoo in a location where healing isnt an issue.
Do colour tattoos fade?
Colour has made huge improvements over the years in the tattoo industry, long as you take care of your tattoo during the healing process and avoid tanning beds/severe exposure to the sun your tattoo will stay vibrant for many years to come.
How long will my tattoo take to heal?
Depending on overall health, age, skin ect the healing time will vary from 1-3 weeks. Please follow the tattoo aftercare sheet provided to you(also on the website). 
How do I pick a tattoo artist?
Look at their portfolio, every tattoo artist has their own style so make sure it fits your needs. For example. If you're looking for a watercolour tattoo and the artist puts no watercolour in their portfolio, chances are they dont have a passion for it so it's best to seek an artist who does.
How do i prepare for a consultation?
Have a rough idea of a tattoo you'd like. You can bring photos of examples you like, but it's not mandatory. Consultations are free, if we workout a game plan for a tattoo a $115 deposit after tax is required to book the actual tattoo appointment(comes off final price of tattoo).
Can I get small writing tattooed?
In order for the lettering to be legible over time, it's best to go 1'' and larger for lettering. I DONT tattoo any lettering smaller than that. This assures you'll have a nice tattoo for a very long time, rather than having a tattoo down the road you're unhappy with.