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Custom tattoo requests are currently closed. Although this might seem strange, Mitch Curtis is working hard on developing his new style and is pushing his art in a specific direction this year. This will allow him to grow as an artist at a much faster pace. Resulting in better tattoos. At this time he cant be distracted by multiple styles.

  Having said that, lots of new work will be up for grabs. He will do his best to have a variety of work posted in the "up for grabs" section.

  The exciting part of this new way of booking is wait times will be shorter, you'll also know exactly what you're having tattooed. Also, unlike before the odd color piece will be available again!

  If you see something you'd like to have tattooed in the "up for grabs" page, please screenshot the image and either fill out the form below or email -



Due to the rising cost of supplies and cost of living, we've put it off as long as we could but its time for an increase. The hourly rate will increase to $150 hourly. Having said that, I've made a change that I think will benefit the client and the studio.

   Half day and full day sits.

  • Half day $450 taxes included 3 - 4 hours of tattooing

  • Full day $750 taxes included 6 - 7 hours of tattooing

  • Tattoo minimum - $150 taxes included

    My favorite part of this new system, is both the client and the artist know exactly what the cost is up front. No stressing watching the hours go by. 

    * Tattoo bookings are Tuesday - Saturday. I typically do one large tattoo a day which will begin at 12:00 each day. Please include the the most convenient days you're available during the week in the booking form below.

A $100 deposit is required to book, We will contact you as soon as we can regarding an appointment. Once we agree on a date, we will request the deposit. The payment can be made through Email money transfer.

Booking form

Please make sure you've read all the booking info as well as chosen a tattoo you'd like to have done from the "up for grabs" section. Thank you!

Thanks for choosing Carved In Stone Tattoo. I will get back to you as soon as I can

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