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Tattoo Aftercare

  1. Keep bandage on for 2hrs unless directed otherwise by Carved In Stone Tattoo.

  2. Remove the bandage, wash gently with fragrance-free hand soap removing plasma. Dry the tattoo with clean paper towel by patting, NOT rubbing. It will be slimy and may contain color but this doesn’t mean the tattoo is losing color. Plasma is dyed while ink enters the skin and will not affect the tattoo.

  3. Begin applying fragrance-free lotion (curel or Lubriderm) 2-3 times daily 24-48 hours after the tattoo application. Or as soon as the tattoo feels tight and dry.

  4. ALWAYS make sure to wash your hands prior to applying lotion.

  5. Make sure to apply the lotion sparingly, only a small amount until the tattoo is shiny. Keeping your tattoo moist is important but gobbing it on can cause adverse effects.

  6. Apply lotion until fully healed, healing time varies from 2-4 weeks depending on health and aftercare.

  7. You’ll notice color flaking between roughly day 5-7. Don’t panic, this is only the top layer of skin exfoliating.                                        





Touching your tattoo without washing your hands, Abrasion, tight clothing, sunlight, sauna’s, saltwater, swimming, animal hair, soaking in water, tanning, other people’s bodily fluids, picking, scratching or advice from friends that differ from the information provided in this sheet.


                                                                               DON’T BE AFTERCARELESS!

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